Developing recipes for a campsite is a different beast than developing recipes for a kitchen. Over the past couple months I’ve stumbled across a couple of really great hacks that make creating awesome meals while camping way easier. And here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Beaten eggs in a bag

    This is especially for people who like scrambles or omelettes. Pre-beat a dozen or so eggs and season with salt and pepper, then pour out however many you’re planning on eating that day. Don’t have to worry about egg breakage, but make sure to double bag in case of a leak.

  2. Spice blends (sweet and savory)

    Generally I’ll bring two simple blends, one for sprinkling on meat and veggies, and one for fruit and yogurt. For savory, it’s generally a blend of salt, pepper, granulated onion and garlic, and some paprika. For sweet, it’s a classic brown sugar and cinnamon … but the real power play of bringing your own spice blends is to mix both of them together and use on grilled meat. Game changer.

  3. Lemon and oil

    Mix them together in equal parts and use as salad dressing, but also as a basting liquid for anything you’re grilling. Fresh corn? Fantastic. Steaks? The best. Chicken? That’s a classic.

  4. S’mores in an ice cream cone

    Stuff a waffle cone with marshmallows and chocolate, wrap it in foil and toss in the fire. Easy to eat, and you can stuff them all ahead of time for super-fast dessert/snacks.

  5. Foil (I know, duh …)

    But you can really cook absolutely anything in foil. Don’t be afraid; just wrap it up and give it a shot. You’ll be shocked at the type of food you’ll manage to make with some tinfoil and a lot of patience.