What goes together even better than peanut butter and chocolate, Laurel and Hardy, or ice cream and dill pickles?

We think it is beer and music.

We have been a long-time supporter of music in the Yukon, starting with our very first sponsorship of the Frostbite Music Festival. The brewery was three weeks old when we turned up at Frostbite 1997 with kegs of our very first brew.

While some were shocked (I think is the proper word) at beer with body, beer with ‘hoppiness’ and beer with flavour, the feedback was largely positive.

Part of our sponsorship that year was that we had to provide the labour to sling the draught beer. The event was set up to serve only from bottles and there was some trepidation about wrestling with draught systems.

So, we dipped into the well of friends and family and had enough bodies to sling beer all weekend long.

We hope that we thanked all of you properly, at the time, although with a new business less than a month old, and us all pouring beer until the wee hours, some may have been missed.

So, in the true spirit of better late than never, thanks a bunch.

And thanks to Frostbite for taking a chance on a very new player in the beer market. They didn’t have to, by and means, and we owe a lot to them for doing so.

Thinking about beer and music has made us think about beer ‘in’ music. There are a bunch of songs with beer playing a role in the lyrics. In fact, there are a bunch of songs with beer being pretty much the focus of the lyrics.

Some of these everybody knows (think 99 Bottles of Beer), but some are a bit more obscure. We want to focus on the obscure.

Now, we could write out some lyrics here in the Buzz, but reading lyrics without hearing the music is kind of like reading a recipe without tasting the food. So, grab the list, sit down with your computer, crack a cold one and listen to some of these.

Red Hot Mama and an Ice Cold Beer (by Smiley Maxedon)

Lager Delirium (by Bad Manners)

Beer is Good (by PsychoStick)

Beer 30 (by Reverend Horton Heat)

Beer Drinkin’ Woman (by Memphis Slim)

Warm Beer and Cold Women (by Tom Waits)

And finally, if you are in the mood to polka around the room, Drink Beer Polka by the Leningrad Cowboys.

Now, be sure to turn those computer speakers up and don’t spill on the keyboard.

This column is courtesy of the Yukon Brewing Company, an organization that believes that beer is music to the ears.

Mark Beese is our co-publisher.