As the year 2015 is coming to an end, so does my reign as the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen 2015. This article will be my last article in the Queen’s Corner.

Last February I was interviewed for the CBC about the reasons why I signed up for the Rendezvous Queen Competition. Honestly, I did not sign up for the title. I signed up to expand my public speaking skills, for the opportunity to dress in Rendezvous costumes and most importantly to raise money for children and youth.

I almost fainted when I found out what was involved in running: fashion, talent shows, etiquette dinners, etc. I just wanted to participate as my way of giving back to this great community, as the Yukon has been very kind to my family.

My son is the main reason that kept me in the race. He has special needs and requires 24/7 care. Life is very tough for our family of five.

I wanted to stay in the race not just for myself but for all the families out there with special needs children. If I can do it, everyone could have the chance as well.

Statistics show that the number of children with special needs is increasing at an alarming rate. Health care, education and social service costs are skyrocketing.

The sky seems to be falling down and we are just not prepared.

We have no other choice but continue to stay positive.

With my new identity cast in the year 1800, I became immensely interested in Queen Victoria’s reign. How a small country such as Britain was able to rule about 75 per cent of the world land mass, leading to the saying the sun never set on the British Empire.

Visiting some First Nations’ communities and events made me feel closer to my First Nation neighbors. It made me start to dig into the history book again. My childhood was very much like the First Nation culture: trusting, giving and respecting. It just feels like family.

The Rendezvous crown has empowered me to do many great projects during my reign. All the goals that I have first set out as a queen have created many opportunities, reasons and incentives to learn about the world outside my own.  

With doors opened, many lessons learned, many good friends found, I am very thankful for the opportunities that God has given me. His way is higher than our way. Little did I realize that this Rendezvous Queen event is a journey that is going to impact my life forever. It has helped me to discover some self-imposed limitations and fears – and I have discovered the many new talents and the hidden potential that I possess.

To all my dear friends and readers out there, 2015 is coming to a close. Even if the sky is falling down, bring it on, we are ready, we are very resilient species. A new beginning is going to happen in less than a month. Let’s start our new year with new hope, positive attitude and energy. Give yourself a challenge you would like to accomplish in the New Year. Bring it on.

Until then my friend, I shall turn the next chapter in my life.