A Female Perspective: Looking for Love Online

A while ago, What’s Up Yukon featured Mr. Charles Green’s articles, “Looking for Love Online”, from a male perspective.

I am writing from my perspective, and experience.

I’m settled from my divorce three years ago, a mother of a teenage daughter, and I would love to start going out on dates again to find my special someone, for a second time around.

I am 48-years-old, in excellent shape — I look after myself inside and out — and I am blessed with family members and friends. I am ready to put myself out there in an online dating site; it’s as simple as that.

My reasoning is I am very comfortable with myself, in using my words and sentences in a tapestry of story. I have been writing since I was three-years-old.

The first thing I did was browse websites to find one I was comfortable with. I did my homework, browsing from free websites to ones with exclusive memberships.

I needed to know the pluses and minuses, the nooks and crannies, the twists and turns, before I cooked up my profile.

I took recent and decent photos of myself, with various backgrounds, and selected the eight best ones.

Satisfied with the results, I started to tell my story in my profile.

I think the best bet is to be honest about who I am, what I want in a relationship, and what am I looking for in a gentleman.

This is very important, because once I’ve focused on myself and who I want, responses will never have the power to bother or annoy me.

As soon as I launched my prototype profile, messages came in, a landslide of them. I was overwhelmed and grateful at the same time; it shows that there is reason for hope and faith.

The next step is the selection process.

In this process; I categorize messages into serious messages, and friendly “say hello” ones.

I replied to the latter messages by saying, “thank you”, and I wishing them good luck because those gentlemen don’t have anything in common with me. Good words always work charms, and people were polite as they realized that they needed to look elsewhere and not at my profile.

I have tips and tricks for those who really are very stubborn; there is a magic “blocked users” button.

I prefer to use the magic button, rather than arguing about what they don’t like about me, or my profile, or asking me to surrender to their will, to submit to their indecent proposals.

I am still online because I am taking it slow and enjoying every single bit of the journey of finding “the one”.

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