Another Take on Commuting

I am in awe of bicycle commuters. I feel one-upped by them.

So I decided, way back in February, that as soon as the weather was reasonable I would start cycling to work at least three days per week.

I spent serious coin on some very-high-tech, all-weather cycling clothes and waited for May and reasonable weather.

May came and went. It was July before I actually rode a bike to work one day – one day.

The last week of July, in absolutely perfect weather, I decided to ride my bike to work.

Actually that’s not true. I decided to ride to work on Monday … mostly because my regular four-wheeled mode of transport was otherwise occupied.

It was only after Monday went reasonably well that I entertained the idea of committing to the whole week. My route to work is very suited for a reluctant commuter. I live in a trailer at the KK and it takes a whole 10 minutes to ride to my work, downhill all the way.

I can talk myself into that, half asleep. Once I am downtown with my bike, I am committed. I have to get home; no choice but to ride back, which means hills no matter which way you go.

My problem is that all conditions must be right before I take action, at least in my own head: the weather can’t be too cold or too wet or too hot or too whatever. The planets have to be in perfect alignment and, in the case of bicycling to work, I have to be assured that there will be no “helmet hair” when I arrive.

Riding bicycle, to me, equates to adventure, not everyday life. I find it hard mixing up adventure and work. It makes life complicated.

On Monday, the whole process of arranging my life and my stuff so that I would have all that I needed for all day, in a compact-enough package for my small backpack, had me feeling so rushed that I forgot my phone, got chain oil all over my legs and forgot to bring food for the extended route home.

So here’s how my week went …

Monday was good: I rode home via Marwell and Range Road, through Takhini North.

Tuesday was good again: I rode around doing errands at lunch and rode out to McCrae, instead of home, to pick up my car. I was feeling very confident about my new commitment and felt I could resist a car in the driveway.

Wednesday was even better: It was warm enough to not need a jacket in the morning. At lunch I did more errands and rode the river trail between Rotary Park and Spook Creek Station, beautiful, and came home the Takhini North way, again.

Thursday: I even went to a work meeting on my bike. I probably should get some dual-purpose pedals. I am not sure that the bike shoes give a very professional image.

Friday: I gave in to my car. I just couldn’t figure out how to pick someone up from the airport on the bike.

It was a successful bike-commuting week, I think, at least for my first go at it. The weather was perfect. I didn’t even mind sweating up the hills in the 33-degree heat.

I wonder how I am going to do when the planets shift their alignment and it starts getting cold in the mornings again.

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