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Special Olympics Yukon’s #BreakUpTheBoredom has been trending on many of our social media pages for the past couple of months. When Special Olympics Yukon (SOY) made the decision to shut down their office and suspend regular programming to keep both their staff and athletes safe, they looked to what other national jurisdictions were doing and decided to start producing their own local content to help #BreakUpTheBoredom while people are unable to physically gather. 

The Special Olympics Yukon Team, who have since been working from home, continue to voluntarily create weekly virtual content to help keep athletes and the community engaged in fun and healthy ways. 

One of the first initiatives of #BreakUpTheBoredom was to engage their Special Olympics Yukon Champions network. “We wanted to give our athletes something to do at home so we asked our champions to participate by making virtual inspirational or fitness content and that’s where it started,” shared Special Olympics Yukon, Executive Director, Serge Michaud. There is also SOY Flashback Fridays, where old photos and memories make a return. 

“For us a big thing is to create and share local stuff,” added Michaud. 

Special Olympics Yukon’s #BreakUpTheBoredom has continued to evolve. A new calendar is released weekly informing people of what SOY has planned for each day. On Saturday mornings SOY hosts coffee talks, where people are invited to talk about everything and anything. “The coffee talk calls have been amazing,” remarked Michaud, “we talk about anything from staying active, to what we have been doing to stay busy and contribute to family.”

Special Olympic Yukon continues to find new ways to bring fun and creative virtual content to the public. “We want to stay relevant and open to our membership and we want to make sure we are still in our athletes thoughts,” shared Michaud. Special Olympics Yukon has devoted their time to providing athletes and Yukoners new and exciting ways to stay active. Even other organizations have been joining in by liking and sharing SOY’s content.

 “This has been humbling in many ways,” expressed Michaud. “I am always amazed at how fortunate we are to live in a place that rallies around everyone, including our athletes.”

Until physical distancing restrictions are lifted, Special Olympics Yukon will continue to create virtual engaging content for athletes and anyone who wishes to partake. 

“We are working everyday to come up with the best compromises and solutions to the orders that the government has set forth and it’s been great,” shared Michaud. To help #BreakUpTheBoredom, visit any of Special Olympic Yukon’s social media pages to see what they have in store for the upcoming weeks!

In keeping with advice from the Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer to be active, Special Olympics Yukon will be hosting an exciting challenge: The Active Yukon 30-Day Challenge presented by Whitehorse Canadian Tire. This 30-Day Challenge aims to motivate Yukoners to get out and be active! The challenge is all about counting steps and those who chose to participate will have the chance to win prizes.  The 30-Day Challenge will be taking place from June 15 until July 14 and anyone can register! 

To find out more information about this exciting 30-Day Challenge and if you are interested in registering check out 

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