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Time and Space

s with all forums of interaction, timing and space are essential to being able to work together. Whether it is dance, music or sports, the better you are at understanding the timing needed, and the space allowed between movements and your partners, the better you shall perform.

All self defences rely on these two points. Let’s look at some examples.

The assailant will need to establish the proper distance to you depending on what he intends to do.

If the assailant has a rifle, his distance will be greater than someone without.

If he has a knife, he will want to be close enough to use it so the distance will be that much closer.

However, as in most cases of assault, if the person threatens you or attacks you, it will be hands-on contact. Your distance in this matter is essential in avoiding the attack.

If you can, run. If not, try to get something between yourself and the attacker. The further away you are, the better your chances.

Timing is about being aware of what is happening and being proactive in your decisions and actions. Knowing when to run and when to fight back, can prevent many of the situations we may find ourselves in.

When I teach fighting to students, getting them to be aware of the timing of their attacks, or defencive moves of their opponent and themselves, and controlling the distance is the single biggest challenge of all.

Many think it is about techniques, how fast or hard they can strike, etc … in real life, you do not want to exchange blows nor get into a grappling situation with someone stronger.

Weapons and Tools

You may not realize it, but there is almost always some form of weapon at hand.

Look around you right now and see what you could use if assaulted.

Start with your voice. Verbal de-escalation can be a good tool when the situation looks like an assault may happen.

The voice can also be a weapon, such as a good scream which can startle an attacker and bring help. It can buy you time to escape.

How about the paper you are reading at this moment. Thrown into the face can break the attack or, rolled up, makes a very good weapon for thrusting at vulnerable targets such as eyes.

If it is a computer you are sitting in front of, by all means use it to strike at any part of the body closest to you. Arms, legs, chest, face are all open to consider with the computer keyboard monitor.

How about the pen or books laying beside you? A pen or set of keys can be very effective in defending yourself.

Physical Training

Are you a good runner? Are you physically strong?

Are you in the prime of your life and have looked after yourself?

Do you have disabilities or are you a senior with limited strength and speed? Are you a child?

I will not try to explain something that needs to be taught directly. I believe physical self defence techniques must be tailored to the individual and shown through practice to be truly effective.

I suggest you get personal training with a reputable organization that can teach what really works depending on your own limitations. The Yukon is fortunate to have many people and organizations that can help in this area.

Next time, Your Right to Live in a Non-Violent World

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