From Archery to Zumba: Up Off the Couch!

Is it possible to write a sports column that covers kayak polo, fighting kites, ice climbing, skinny dipping, and broomball?

And if it is, would you still call it a sports column, or the ultimate bucket list of things to try at least once while living in the Yukon?

Well, my friends, perhaps the answers to these and other fundamental questions of the universe are ahead of us. Welcome to the first installment of From Archery to Zumba.

The Yukon is a veritable cornucopia of exciting sport activities and ways to get physically active – some stranger or more unique than others.

That is what this new column is all about. I want to bring that wide world of Yukon sports and recreation activities and the people who love them to all of you every week.

Maybe you’ll learn about something you never knew existed. Maybe you’ll get inspired to head boldly out your front door and join in.

Or maybe you and your favourite activity will be featured and you’ll become rich and famous with sponsorship deals and your own breakfast cereal (or at least your neighbour may say she saw your photo in the paper as you pass each other at 6 a.m. in a sleep-deprived state, walking your overzealous puppies).

Some may quibble that axe throwing or tobogganing aren’t really sports – fun and interesting, perhaps, but sports? For those of you in that category, I completely understand where you’re coming from.

I would argue, however, that both are physical activities that take a level of dexterity to be successful. Plus, they’re fun. And there are lots of other places to find stats and scores for those in search of more typical sports coverage.

When it comes right down to it, I’m a firm believer in getting the chance to play as much as possible. This column is all about people doing just that.

My hope is that this little weekly dose of enthusiasm will rub off on you, and maybe you’ll find a bit more time to get out and experience all the amazing things this territory has to offer.

I hope it also gives you a glimpse into the depth and breadth of the territory’s sport and recreation community.

Maybe you’ll find out your co-worker is a ski patroller at Mount Sima, your hairdresser kicks butt at disc golf, or the person who delivers your mail is a black belt in karate.

Better yet, you might start to understand and appreciate what makes these people pursue the things they do – after all, who isn’t just a tiny bit curious about why the Zamboni driver does what he does?

Columns like this are built upon all of the amazing activities taking place out there in the real world (as opposed to the digital world or my frenetic imagination), so I would love to draw upon all of you to help make it as fresh and exciting as possible.

If you have any ideas for great stories, please tell us at What’s Up Yukon – I can’t cover your arm wrestling league if I don’t know it exists. So, how are you going to get the attention of all those sponsors and cereal companies?

In the spirit of this new endeavour, it’s time for me to escape the shackles of my desk and run amuck in the snow and sunshine. So, until next time, I leave you with the immortal words of parents everywhere:

“Go out and play!”

Amber Church is a painter, writer and sports enthusiast. You can reach her at [email protected].

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