If you ride a mountain bike from the 1990s with your kick-around shoes on and some jeans, have no fear, you are welcome at the Contagious Mountain Bike Club (CMBC).

Kristina Gardner, treasurer of the club, says everyone is welcome, from beginners to those that go hard and are dialed into the scene.

“There are people who match all the components of their outfits with all the components of their bikes,” she says. “But then there are people who are just dirt bags (note: she means this endearingly) and just have whatever and want to ride.”

CMBC is gearing up for the snow-less season of cycling and is inviting folks to join their group rides or consider volunteering as guides.

On Tuesday nights there are two options: join the men and women on a group ride, or compete in the Toonie Races.

Thursday nights feature the Dirt Girls, in which ladies get together to give’er on the trails. Riders can choose to go with the beginner group or the intermediate/advanced group.

“Don’t be scared to come, that’s my key message,” Gardner says. “It will be fun. And there are lots of opportunities to stop and catch your breath and chat.”

However, beginner riders have to be comfortable riding a trail and climbing and descending small hills. If you’re not at that stage, take their Introduction to Mountain Biking course, which costs $20 for four Sundays of skill training.

Everyone was a rookie at some point, as they old saying goes, and Gardner wants to find riders who have learned the trails and have advanced to the point that they ride with their own group of friends.

“These are the kind of people that it would be awesome if they would pay it forward and come and lead,” she says.

Gardner says guides aren’t the fastest and they don’t have the best gear. They just have to have a sense of the trails and the confidence to keep track of a horde. She knows; she’s done it.

“I like to help the community by coordinating rides,” she says. “I like to show people the trails that I love. And I like to help show people — who might be too scared to go into the trails by themselves — how awesome it is.”

The first Dirt Girls ride of the season is on May 16; riders will meet at 7 p.m. at the Magnusson parking lot on Grey Mountain (accessed through Riverdale).

Dogs are welcome on the rides, so long as they are under control.

An annual membership with the Contagious Mountain Bike Club is $15 plus $35 for insurance to ride with them. The four-week Introduction to Mountain Biking Course began on May 6. Contact the club about options for taking the course.

The CMBC website features a calendar of events; email them at [email protected] cmbcyukon.ca; or check their Facebook page for announcements.