Fit ‘n’ Healthy: Holiday Fitness Tricks and Tips

As we all know, the holiday season can be struggle to stay on your fitness regime, but here are some simple tips and tricks to help get you through this season and maintain a festive attitude.

1. Keep it quick: We don’t have a lot of time over the holidays for workouts. With the kids out of school, work that still has to get done, parties to attend and prepare for, gifts to buy, activities to keep the kids happy and the list goes on and on. You can still fit in some time for exercise, just keep it quick and simple. Do some HIIT training for your cardio, this only takes 20 minutes. Then get in the gym and complete a series of four exercises per body part for three sets, 20 minutes more and “BLAM” you’re done. This amount will help you maintain until you have more time in the New Year to get back at your regime and make some progress.

2. Involve the family: take the kids sledding. With those heavy Sorels on your feet and the snow gear on you’ll be burning a few extra calories hiking that hill. Even better, give the kid a ride up the hill and burn hundreds of calories in an hour.

3. Be picky: Don’t overindulge at the parties, but don’t deny yourself either. Try a couple of each appetizer and then call it quits. Chances are you’ll feel satisfied, not stuffed and not blow all your hard work this year either.

4. Don’t drink it all away: Keep the drinks to a couple. Sure, there are no carbs in a vodka and diet, but there ARE CALORIES! Just because Atkins says it’s the best “choice” for alcoholic beverage does not mean that it’s permission to go whole hog at it. You’ll also feel better the next day and be more apt to have an active day.

5. Keep holiday dinner healthy: Turkey can be a very healthy dinner, just don’t overindulge. Turkey breast, half of a potato, salad, you can even make a clean gravy. Have a small piece of dessert, don’t go back for seconds and not only will you stay more awake through the evening (hmmmm Mr. Lee), but your body will feel lighter and happier the next day.

6. Get back to a routine: Make it back to the gym early and get started on your program early. The more you put it off the more likely you are to fail.

This column is provided by Peak Fitness. Mrs. Lee Randell is an ACE certified personal trainer. Contact information and past articles are available at Anyone who wants to begin an exercise program should consult their physician first.


This column is provided by Mrs. Lee Randell, independent fitness consultant, who is an ACE certified advanced health and fitness specialist and personal trainer. You can reach her at

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