This month, Mt. McIntyre will host the new summer mountain bike festival, organized by the Contagious Mountain Bike Club (CMBC). Klondike Krankfest replaces CMBC’s previous summer event, 24 Hours of Light.

Plans until late May anticipated a three-day weekend event that would feature many activities including a downhill mountain bike race, an enduro race, a cross-country race, skills clinics, bike demos and activities for kids. All of this would occur amid weekend camping at Mt. Sima, which would also be packed with food trucks, music, workshops and more. However, unforeseen circumstances forced the club to scale back plans to an eight hour race on Saturday, advanced skill clinics on Saturday and Sunday, and a return to Mt. McIntyre trails. They still feel the changes will be successful.

“There were a few reasons,” said Sammy Salter, president of CMBC. “The most direct one being, in 2019, the solstice weekend is going to be a long weekend and we weren’t expecting great attendance because most people like to get out of town for holidays. However, attendance was starting to drop off a bit in general and, as amazing as 24 Hours of Light is, we didn’t feel like we were creating the stoke for the event that we used to, both with riders and with volunteers. It felt like the right time to take the leap and try something different.

This event is open to all ages and skill levels and CMBC plans to have lots of fun at the Mt McIntyre trails throughout the weekend..
“We recognize not everyone wants to race,” said Salter. “If racing isn’t your thing, there will be … a limited number of spots available for skills clinics too.” The future of the event may eventually lead it to Mt. Sima, which has a great history of mountain biking events and partnerships with CMBC, Boreale Biking and the Singletrack to Success program.

“Those with long memories will remember cross-country as well as gravity racing at Sima,” said Steve Reid, general manager of Mt. Sima. “Between our winter programs and Slamfest, we know a thing or two about putting on a good event.” Sima has been rather successful in developing the mountain biking trails and culture with its Wednesday night public rides.

“Our goal is 100 riders and we achieved that every night but one last summer. Between 100 and 200participants is pretty normal,” said Reid. “I think 150 is pretty much the sweet spot for a good, busy, feel, but minimal lift waiting time.” “People can still expect the same fun, friendly atmosphere at all CMBC events. We want to bring mountain bikers together to celebrate the amazing community we have here in the Yukon,” said Salter. “Come for the weekend … ride your bike and enjoy the midnight sun.”

To find more information on events at or visit the CMBC Klondike Krankfest event page on Facebook.