Rangin’ off to Ontario

12-year old Eden Dulac from Haines Junction was named champion at the JCR National Marksmanship Championship in St. Catharines, Ontario

Members of the Haines Junction Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR) attended the annual JCR National Marksmanship Championship in St. Catharines, Ontario, in early May. In total, 63 rangers from across the country competed in the event held at the Lincoln and Welland Regiment armoury, based in St. Catharines. Junior Ranger Eden Dulac of Haines Junction was the championship winner, narrowly edging out her older brother, Joshua Dulac.

Competitors shot a variety of targets from 10 metres away, including paper, clay and falling plates, as well as digital targets that were specifically used during one contest. The rifle of choice were Daisy air rifles.

The JCR program launched in 1996 and gets youth involved in their remote communities. It offers girls and boys 12 to 18, in remote and isolated communities across Canada, a unique opportunity to participate in a variety of fun and rewarding activities in a formal setting. There are currently about 3,400 youth participating in over 125 patrols. The program is structured and helps preserve culture and traditions that are unique to each community. Under the supervision of the Canadian Rangers, these young Canadians become active and engaged citizens.

The local activities include shooting practice and survival camps where Junior Canadian Rangers spend 24 hours on the land, learning from the Canadian Rangers, with limited supplies and buildings, and sleeping in improvised shelters in a cold environment.

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