Releasing Through Deep Touch


Janelle Hardy jetted half way around the world to Australia to become a licensed Hellerwork practitioner.

Her training was intense.

In a total immersion setting, students lived, studied and practised together from early morning till late at night. Hardy had condensed her training to 13 months, spread out over three visits.

It was during an intense Rolfing session in Whitehorse that she was guided to study this system.

“I would like to reach the place where I can be more intuitive to subtle energy in my practice,” said Hardy.

The technique involves deep tissue bodywork and movement education whose purpose is to realign the body, to release tension and stress and this is what makes Hellerwork different from other deep tissue massage.

The client is encouraged to “dialogue” in order to bring emotional stress to consciousness.

“By releasing fascia and realigning the body with gravity, emotional and physical patterns are also released,” says Hardy. It is all connected.

“I never work deeper than what people can manage.

“To get best results is a commitment of 11 sessions. However, clients do decide upon the number of sessions they will book.”

Clients could include anyone, but those who have suffered an injury are certainly included: “Pain is a great motivator.”

Otherwise, “it is great for athletes to access their technical physical skills and it’s good for women before, during and after pregnancy.”

Hardy can be reached at 456-4002 or by e-mail at [email protected]

PHOTO: RICK MASSIE [email protected]

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