Fit ‘n’ Healthy: Shake Up Your Energy

Here are some awesome Blender Drink Recipes that are perfect for a meal on the run.

You will notice that they all have a mix of protein and carbohydrates that are great for breakfast or before and after a workout.

Mix all ingredients together in a blender.

Protein Mint Mocha Frappacino

l 1 cup black coffee

l 1 scoop (30 grams) chocolate protein powder

l Couple of drops of mint extract

l Ice cubes

l Water

Full Breakfast Shake

l ½ cup dry oats

l 1 scoop protein powder (any flavour you like)

l 1 tablespoon natural nut butter

l Ice

l Water

Post Workout Recovery Drink

l ½ cup berries (frozen)

l 1 scoop protein powder

l Water

l 1 tablespoon ground flax seed

l Ice

Antioxidant Shake

l 1 cup frozen mixed berries

l ½ cup water

l ½ cup fresh spinach

l ½ cup pomegranate juice (unsweetened)

l Ice

l 1 scoop protein powder

This column is provided by Peak Fitness. Mrs. Lee Randell is an ACE certified personal trainer. Contact information and past articles are available Anyone who wants to begin an exercise program should consult their physician first.

This column is provided by Mrs. Lee Randell, independent fitness consultant, who is an ACE certified advanced health and fitness specialist and personal trainer. You can reach her at

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