Spring is finally upon us and with it comes the energy to move and get outside.

Did you know May is the busiest month of the year for fitness clubs in Whitehorse? People are finally getting that spring fever and wanting to shed some layers for summer is coming.

Youth are coming home from college and university and one of the first tasks they complete after dropping off all those resumés is to get their fitness memberships. Some parents out there have taught their kids well.

So how do you pick up the energy, not only to still deal with kids and work, but also to get in summer shape? Here are a few tips.

1. Get to sleep on time. It’s not just about getting enough sleep, but studies show that if you are not to bed and sleeping by 11 pm your pituitary gland will not create or secrete growth hormone and your body will not repair, grow and re-energize.

Regular sleep is very important, especially for teenagers who are growing and developing.

As well, when you are active and training, you are literally breaking down your muscle cells.

If you are not getting to sleep on time and your body is not secreting growth hormone your body will not be able to recover and you will be in a constant state of exhaustion.

2. Make sure your body is hydrated. If you are not getting enough water, you will feel wilted like a dehydrated flower. Blah.

Most people are one to two litres dehydrated every day. If you are drinking tea or coffee you must match it with a glass of water, yes even if your coffee is decaffeinated.

If you are drinking alcohol your body will be dehydrated and not even switch to using fat for energy for more than 48 hours after your alcohol intake.

3. Exercise daily. This is extremely important. Exercising creates hormones that give you a shot of energy. If you are feeling exhausted, go and move.

New studies show that you must exercise for 40 minutes in order to get optimal hormone release. Go until you start feeling a bit of euphoria, even if you are walking. It’s the best antidepressant you can get!

4. Vitamin D. It is not completely understood, but is very important in body function. Get your 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels tested.

Even in sunny weather climates people are not producing enough vitamin D. It is not understood why, but you must get into the optimal range of vitamin D to optimize energy levels and have your organs working properly.

5. Eat protein. Carbohydrates are only quick energy sources. Protein is what will give you the four to six hours of energy your body needs.

Eat a good, healthy breakfast with protein and get a good source of protein with every meal every few hours to maintain and stabilize energy levels. Meats, yogurt, cheese, beans, nuts, seeds, fish and eggs are all good protein sources.

If you are vegan be sure to get guided appropriately to be sure you are getting your protein appropriately from vegetable sources.

6. Get your hugs! Your brain will secrete oxytocin with human touch. Give your kids a hug. You will have more energy and less anxiety. It may even reduce cardiovascular stress and heart disease in women.

7. Surround yourself with positive people. Hanging around negative people will cause exhaustion and depression.

Create your environment. Create the life that makes you happy.

Be happy with what you have, not peed off that someone else “looks” better off than you.

Remember, life is always greener, but what if my favourite colour is not green? Paint it pink!