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I go to a school called Robert Service School in Dawson City.

I know it’s common, but going back to school is a feeling you get when you go and buy school supplies and new school clothes.

When I first started school I was clueless to the fact that it was going to be much more difficult than I expected. You have to meet new people and adjust to them. You have to realize teachers are there to help you learn. Sometimes you like school and sometimes you don’t.

My dream is to go to a boarding school. No parents! School is a good time to learn and (when at recess) to make plans for another day and after school. Each student has different skills and abilities. For instance, my skill would be good at math and my ability would be good at running.

For some people going back to school would make them happy, and for some people it will make them… down in the dumps… like me. Going back to school means THE END OF ALL GOOD THINGS! Camping, swimming, bike-riding, sleeping in and staying up late!

I don’t want to go back to school. I wish summer would last forever. I love skateboarding around Dawson and getting ice cream when I want to. But at school you can’t do that. You have to sit in a classroom, staring at the clock to get out.

There are a couple of bad things about school. The two-hours between snack and lunch is unbearable. You have to sneak something in between.

At the start of school, you shouldn’t sit beside someone you don’t like because you’re going to be sitting with that person for the rest of the semester. At recess play with people that like you, not the other way around, or the whole time they will be saying things like, “get out of here,” and, “we don’t want you here.”

The good part about school is that you get to learn about stuff you might know about, and might not. I love reading and at school, you can do all the reading you want. I love writing reports because I love writing. My favourite subject at school is P.E., which stands for physical education.

The best part about school is the library. It’s filled with books and computers and many learning opportunities. I spend a lot of time there because you could sign up for a computer and do whatever you want with it. You could also ask for an Internet pass for an hour, for free.

The special thing about Dawson’s library is that it’s inside the school! All you have to do is to walk out of your class, and then walk down a hallway open a door, and you are inside the library!

At R.S.S. there is no middle school. There is a small one-floor building just outside and that’s where Grades 5 and 6 are.

When at school, you can feel lost in your work, be creative, and feel hungry.

Well got to go to school! BYE!!!

Oliver Flegel is 10 years old and is going into Grade 5 in Dawson City

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