There’s a new baby on the farm.

Well, I am far too excited to write anything serious today. We have a brand new addition to the farm. A beautiful buckskin colt who we are currently calling Casper.

I’m not positive if that name will stick yet or not but that is what we are trying out at the moment.

He was born around noon, which is a first on our property. All my other foals have arrived either in the very early morning or evening. Little Casper and his mother, Girl, are both doing very well and he has already experienced both rain and then +20 degrees Celsius. All within a week of being born.

His older brothers, Lil’ Popcorn and Chance, have been visiting with him through the fence but I won’t be putting them together for another couple of weeks yet. Molly is really wanting to play with the little guy. But since she is bigger then him, I have been doing my best to keep her out of the corral.

Well, other then that, all my other animals are doing fine. The dogs are having a great time chasing squirrels. The cats are all roaming the yard. The chicks are getting bigger every day and the yard is actually turning green.

I think summer has finally come to the Hanna farm.