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As I write this column, my partner has been a recent victim of homophobic slurs in her work place. As well, there is a furor in the media over recent tragic suicides by young gay teens.

Homophobia has reared its ugly head into our lives once again.

In the midst of all of this, I came across a thoughtful and well-written blog post by a young Whitehorse woman named Sarah. Her post was titled, “Are We Down With the GLBT?”

Sarah questioned why, in this day and age, people still choose to single out gay people to oppress. After reading her post, I thought about all the supporters out there who are our friends and who do not judge us based on whom we choose to love.

For all the horror stories I have heard about parental reactions to people coming out, I have also heard some really great stories.

I have heard of “coming out” parties being thrown to celebrate the person’s newly expressed reality. I have heard of friends accompanying their friends on gay-only cruises to show their support.

I have even heard of parents recognizing their child’s predisposition long before they did and anticipating and preparing for the day when the child would come out.

I have seen straight-owned businesses that invite and encourage GLBT people to access their services.

There are many thoughtful, intelligent and accepting straight people who understand that gay people are not a threat, are not trying to enlist them or their children into gay life, are not trying to do anything sinister but merely trying to live their lives in the best way for them that they can.

So this column is a tip of the hat to all of you out there that accept us. To you who are are still our friends, co-workers, neighbours and relatives, and who allow us to just be who we are, because ultimately that is all we are asking for.

To read Sarah’s and other great blogs go to www.urbanyukon.com

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