Once again the internets were all abuzz last month about the rise of “Fox News North”.

My Facebook feed was riddled with urgent cries to take action against the rise of, and I quote: “American-style hate media onto our airwaves.”

This has already come ’round before, but maybe with Hockey Day in Canada and the Quest over and done with, there was nothing to complain about online.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig online petitions, because I’m all about lazy activism. If I can save the world from right-wing pundits talking out loud with the click of a button, without having to leave the butt-crease in my computer chair, why not?

I mean, this sort of activism has proven quite successful before. And particularly for changing the airwaves.

For example, it was mouse-driven picket lines that got Betty White back into the hearts of hipsters.

Now we all get to chuckle along to the high comedy of an octogenarian turning to the camera and saying “Balls”. Hi-larious. Don’t look to me for help when zombie Bea Arthur comes to eat your misguided brains.

My issue (and boy, do I have ’em, eh?) isn’t with the form of the complaint. I’m already a big fan of the Facebook “thumbs up”.

If they can build a non-committal drive-by system of approval, why not an easy-going one-click system of social change?

After all, I need something to do while waiting for my World of Warcraft dungeon queue to load.

My real matter of contention is with people who don’t own televisions complaining about shows they’re never going to watch. Sure, you hue and cry now, but where were you lazy activists when Two and a Half Men hit the airwaves?

Let’s say your righteous clicking fails to stop “Fox News North”. And I’m sure shoving fingers in your ears while loudly singing: “La-la-la-la-la-la” seems impractical.

Don’t worry lefties, there’s an easy solution. Easier than a “thumbs-up” even!

Television, as a system in itself, isn’t complicated. If people, en masse, don’t watch something, then the owners of the Slap-Chop don’t make any money, and said program gets taken off the air.

Imagine a conservative tree falling in a forest – even Bruce Cockburn isn’t shedding a tear about this one.

You weren’t planning on watching anyway, right? Me neither.

Personally, an all-right leaning station has about as much appeal as an all-left leaning one.

But then again, we’re going to miss out on some comedy gold here. The idea of Canadian versions of Nancy Grace’s fabulous Bumpit built hairdo does make me smile.

Though the thought of having to look at Christie Blatchford’s face live makes me cringe.

Kidding aside, we’re talking about television here. A place where I think everyone, including venom-spouting lunatics should have a voice. I like to keep my crazies where I can keep an eye on ’em.

And really – you really want to be a democratic society, Canada? Put your money where your mouth is.

The fact remains that there are a lot of conservative people in Canada, and if they really want to beak off to each other in their own language, let them.

Besides, doesn’t your lefty sense of justice swoon at the thought of all the online comments you’ll get to indulge in? Now I bet your fingers are just twitching, dreaming of all those clever forum posts you’ll get to make.

However this whole “Fox News North” thing goes, I and whatever libertarians are left in the territory are in for a laugh riot.

Keep on clicking, Yukon!