Victoria Day Musings and Meanderings

Some fun and creative ideas about what to do on this May long weekend
Yukoners are always eager to get outside and do some camping on the May long-weekend. Photo: Pixabay

For some, it’s drinking beer and camping; for others, it’s cleaning the yard and gardening: Victoria Day is just around the corner and here are some tips on how to spend the weekend.

This is one holiday that Yukoners have been looking forward to for months and it begins Friday, May 19.

Queen Victoria’s birthday has nothing to do with this (for gardeners, it’s all about the weather). It is a weekend where it is safe to plant an outdoor garden in the Yukon. One has to be quick if one wants to buy broccoli, cauliflower or zucchini babies in town: they often sell out by May long weekend. Time to sink your fingers into black soil and create new life. If you need help, has a blog with lots of tips on how to get started growing.


Yukoners are eager to get outside and do some camping, and now it’s finally warm enough to sleep in a tent. There are over 50 campgrounds and day-use recreation sites in the Yukon that open May 19. Campgrounds such as Kusuwa Lake are open, but, watch out, there might still be huge puddles of water that you have to drive through. You might not get through if you are driving a small car. People who want to stay close to Whitehorse may choose from the following government campgrounds: the Fox Lake, Lake Laberge, Marsh Lake, Pine Lake, Snafu Lake, Squanga Lake, Tarfu Lake, Twin Lakes and Wolf Creek campgrounds.

It is still cold at night, so bring plenty of warm clothing. And you need a permit for camping. Buy your campground pass now and you can enjoy unlimited access to campgrounds all summer long. For a list of campgrounds, visit


Ever wanted to travel to Kamloops? Air North is offering May limited-edition flights to Kamloops during the May long weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and milder temperatures in Kamloops. Visit the farmers market on Saturday. And cafés and restaurants dot the downtown area. Explore Kamloops’ arts and culture scene and learn about Indigenous history. The Secwépemc Museum and Heritage Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous culture and language. The Secwépemc Museum offers tours of the Kamloops Indian Residential School that was in operation from 1890 to 1969, when the federal government took over to operate it as a residence for a day school. It was shut down in 1978 and, just recently, the museum started to offer educational tours of the former residential school and also educate visitors about this dark part of Canadian history. You can email the museum for further inquiry at [email protected] And you can visit Kamloops Heritage Railway Park to learn more about the Canadian Railway and steam trains.

If you are ready to be entertained, visit The Effie Arts Collective, on May 20, and watch the stand-up comedy trio: Scott Porteous, Frank Russo and Mike Payne.

“Travelling” indoors

What can you do if you don’t have the opportunity to go out of town? On May 21, the Black Travel Summit will offer online live sessions with travel influencers, experts and others, to discuss topics on Black culture and travel. And will offer various online events around the May long weekend. Another online event is the Career Fair by Tech Career Fair. It is a virtual Career Fair with fast-growing start-ups and 500 companies in technology in the U.S. and Canada. If you are keen on learning more about a career in the tech industry, this might be something for you.

Enjoy some solitude

There are no festivals going on over the May long weekend (and no events at the Yukon Arts Centre), so Whitehorse can feel lonely during the Victoria Day weekend. If you are longing for some alone time, the long weekend is the perfect time to stay in town. If you don’t want to stay indoors the whole time, you can have local amenities “all to yourself.” Popular spots, such as Baked Café or Bean North Coffee Shop, might not be crowded because the masses have left to go camping and adventuring. Nearby mountains, such as Grey Mountain, and the local bike trails provide opportunities to get your share of adventure if you are staying in town.

Interesting facts

Did you know that, while Victoria Day is a holiday for all federal employees, it is not a paid holiday in New Brunswick? and that Nova Scotia is the only province that has not designated Victoria Day as a statutory holiday, though many employers still give their staff the day off?

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