Curious about coats of arms?

The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada can help

Heraldry is a way for individuals, institutions and groups to identify themselves visually. Coats of arms tell personal stories about the people they represent.

“While we see aspects of heraldry every day, most Canadians are unaware of this ancient art form and how it can be used for their individual visual identity,” said Steve Cowan, president of the British Columbia/Yukon Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. “Canada is unique in the Commonwealth in how heraldry is available to Canadians as well as institutions and groups.”

On March 3, Cowan and his colleague David Hjalmarson, another branch director of the society, will make public presentations on heraldry and military genealogy. The event will include a presentation followed by the opportunity for discussion, and a question and answer period. Samples heraldic shields and coats of arms will be on display. Special booklets from the Canadian Heraldic Authority will be given out to the participants.  

After the presentation, Cowan will screen a presentation on military genealogy. Cowan hopes it will encourage participants to learn about the military service of their family members, while also providing leads on how to find that kind of information. 

There will be two sessions, both free. The first takes place from 2 to 4 p.m. and the second runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Both take place at the Whitehorse Legion, located at 503 Steele Street.

To learn more about the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada or the British Columbia/Yukon Branch visit, or

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