It’s that time of year again — when the sun gets warmer, the days get brighter, and the schedules get busier.

It becomes apparent who’s been really anticipating these warmer days when some people break out their summer gear much too early.

In the meantime, new beginnings overlap with old ends, and it’s time for many people to search for fresh goals and activities.

Consider the Contagious Mountain Biking Club (CMBC).

Currently, the CMBC has approximately 180 members and they always welcome more.

“We do our best to represent mountain bikers in the Yukon,” says Jenn Roberts, director of communications for CMBC, and a passionate member of the club. “I think we have a city that is very interested in our needs.”

The club is ready to start another season of cycling, bolstered by winning $10,000 from the Mountain Equipment Co-op Dirt Search Competition: West, and an additional $2,000 from Yukon Energy. The Dirt Search Competition was looking for the best place to ride in Western Canada. The Yukon won for its trails and biking locations, and winning the cash prize is to be put towards building new trails. The Contagious Mountain Biking Club has partnered with Carcross and will share the winnings.

The Yukon Energy windfall was a deal made with the club that Yukon Energy would donate money for every vote that CMBC gained during the Dirt Search Competition, working up to $2,000.

The CMBC will open the season with an Introduction to Mountain Biking clinic on Sundays, beginning May 12, as well as weekly Dirt Girls group rides beginning on May 13.

“It’s just a really fun and inclusive atmosphere,” Roberts says.

The club is always hoping to try out new ideas and events, and is on the lookout for volunteers.

“We have a lot of things we would like to do in the future,” Roberts says. “But we can’t make that happen without volunteer support.”

Still, members can also look forward to time-tested events like 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival, which is a daylong relay race on the summer solstice, and King of the Canyon, which is the Yukon’s mountain biking championships.

This might be the season for you to grab a bike, get active, and make things happen.

A membership for the year is $50, plus $35 for insurance and event participation fees. The membership fee and insurance covers participation in all CMBC events and outings, and gives you discounts at local businesses such as Cadence Cycle, Icycle Sport, Boreale Mountain Biking, and the new restaurant opening in Carcross in May, called Bistro on Bennet.

For more information about upcoming rides and becoming a member, go to