Dare to Reuse & Repair?

Reuse in Whitehorse has been in a state of flux this spring, with the Salvation Army closing its doors in April and the closing of the Raven Recycling free store earlier this month.

These closures were partly a response to the overwhelming and unmanageable volume of goods that were arriving every day.

Our collective ability to give away so many goods has shed light on the increasing need to question our purchasing habits, and to consider reusing or repairing what we already have.

The need for opportunities to reuse and repair have become more important than ever before, and Zero Waste Yukon is responding by creating resources and events to encourage these activities. Despite these recent closures, the Zero Waste community is still alive and thriving, and Zero Waste Yukon is planning to celebrate this and our Zero Heroes throughout the summer.

Gathering egg cartons to use in workshops during the Reuse & Repair Fair. The fair takes place on June 3rd from 12 noon – 5pm.

We will be kicking off these celebrations with a new Zero Waste event on June 3rd: the Reuse and Repair Fair. While the idea of Zero Waste may seem a little daunting, this fair will highlight some of the simple and innovative actions that can be taken in our daily lives to ensure that all discarded materials become resources for others to use.

Zero Waste Yukon is excited to partner with Winterlong Brewing Co., and North Star Mini Storage to host this new family-friendly event. The fair takes place at Winterlong Brewing Co. on Saturday, June 3rd from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. This free event is an opportunity for residents to connect with some of the tools, people, and knowledge that can help them shift towards a Zero Waste lifestyle.

This event will be buzzing with creative ideas and inspiring approaches, that will show how easy it can be to take action on reducing waste. Local artists will be selling their one-of-a kind work that has been made from previously used or owned items. Leslie Leong and Darren Holcombe will be among these artists, and have been Zero Heroes and leaders in the redesign community.

For those feeling a little peckish, there will be a variety of food trucks on site that have committed to a Zero Waste approach for the day — including two of the newest food trucks in town – Lulu’s Lunch Truck and Ski Bum Pizza.

Dare to repair? You are encouraged to bring along some of your broken items to our repair tent, as there will be a series of workshops throughout the day on electronics repair, bike maintenance, recycling, Zero Waste living and more. There will also be some activities to keep the kids busy, including a worm composting workshop by Raven Recycling, and some crafts.

Winterlong Brewing Co. will be hosting a Zero Waste beer garden, with live music playing throughout the day.We are proud to say there will be absolutely no waste generated during the entire day — and that is certainly worth celebrating! How is this even possible? Swing by the Reuse and Repair Fair on Saturday learn more, and let Zero Waste Yukon help you, your business, or event become Zero Waste, too. Check out ZeroWasteYukon.ca to learn more about this event, including the schedule, vendors and more.

The Reuse and Repair Fair takes place on June 3rd at Winterlong Brewing Co., which is located at 83 Mount Sima Rd.

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