Dare to Scare … Celebrate Halloween with Some Ghoulish Fun

In our home, there is no holiday more fun to celebrate than Halloween. With bewitching tales and frightening decorations, Halloween is one holiday where you can pull out all the stops for some mischievous fun.

There are many creative and inspiring ways to celebrate Halloween. This season, cast a welcoming spell on your front entrance. With “treaters” arriving after dusk, your home’s entrance is the perfect place to welcome guests with a frightful scare.

Start by surrounding your home’s doorway with bundles of dried corn stalks. Line your stairs with gleaming gourds and orange pumpkins. Dress up a scarecrow. Set the scene with grisly touches, from boiling cauldrons to creepy cobwebs. Line a frightful path to your door with illuminated lanterns, ghosts and candles. Paint gnarly branches black to scratch at the window panes and add scary silhouettes to your windows.

Halloween decorating wouldn’t be complete without illuminated jack-o’-lanterns. Take a family trip to the local pumpkin patch and try your hand at the tradition of pumpkin carving.

Every year, our family has an annual competition for the scariest and most original jack-o’-lantern. Remember to keep the seeds; they’re good raw or roasted. Add a touch of soy sauce, garlic salt and curry powder seasoning.

Modern-day Halloween has lost much of its mysterious overtones and has become more of a harvest celebration. If you are hosting a kid-centric Halloween party, there are many fun ways to celebrate: bobbing for apples, listening to scary tunes and telling chilling ghost tales around a bonfire.

Brew up bewitching touches and serve a feast set to frighten. Scare away ghosts with a cake filled with candied worms. For a real scream, float a few fake fingers in the evening brew. Tempt taste buds with desserts of orange-and-black magic such as spiced pumpkin muffins decorated with orange icing. Decorate using templates of scary shapes; sprinkle with sparkling black sugar and wrap with long laces of back liquorice. Be creative.

There are many fun ways to conjure up a Halloween party filled with eerie effects. For great ideas, take a trip to your local Halloween store to find fun treasures such as artificial eyeballs, fingers and maybe even a few toes.

Boil, boil – but trouble aside for this enchanted evening. Celebrate the festivities in the fun that is intended. Remember to send your “treaters” out in brightly illuminated costumes.

For younger children, wear painted faces instead of masks so they have good vision. Use glow-in-the-dark treat bags and, wherever possible, add flashing lights or reflectors to your child’s costume.

Why not create a spirited entrance to your home and celebrate the season in the spirit of Halloween? This Halloween, prepare a basket of treats and welcome children to your home. Take the opportunity to visit with family and friends and share in some neighbourly, ghoulish fun.

Happy Halloween.

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