Didee & Didoo – Poem “Teachers”


They teach our 

little creatures

that’s why we 

have teachers.

They teach them to 

read an’ write

and of course to be polite.

When we send them 

off to school

teachers teach them 

the golden rule.

They teach them to add

‘cause they want 

them to grad.

Teachers keep our 

kids on track

so they’ ll know how 

to subtract.

Little kiddies like to cry

an’ they learn how 

to multiply.

School kiddies like to slide

an’ they are taught to divide.

Sometimes teachers 

are stern

‘cause they want 

kiddies to learn.

Teachers want you 

to be bright

an’ you’ ll learn to 

read an’ write.

Teachers make our 

kids smart

‘cause they also 

teach them art.

The alphabet they’ ll 


and teachers make 

them wise.

Teachers want our 

kiddies to succeed

‘cause they teach them 

to write an’ read.

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