Dreams and Hopes

The great Klondike Gold Rush brought people to the Yukon in the pursuit of their dreams and hopes. To this day, many individuals continue to come to the Yukon like their predecessors over a hundred years ago. I’m the same; I am here to pursue my dream job and hope for a thriving community.

It is a privilege to represent the Yukon as its Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen. When I get involved in something, I give 120 per cent, and this has certainly been the case for being placed in the court. I know the positive things I can contribute. I am willing because of you Yukoners, who have shown my family and me love and grace.

There are many sanctioned duties that the queen and her court are expected to perform each year. My main role is to raise awareness about Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous (YSR), to support tourism, and to contribute to our community through initialives such as:

– Creating scholarships for students from immigrant communities.

I got this idea when I heard about a youth who has won many scholarships and bursaries, but her achievements were not known within her ethnic community due to the many challenges that immigrants face. I hope that this scholarship can be an inspiration to new immigrants to aim high and do well in school.

– Visiting communities to share the spirit of YSR and to reach out to families with special needs children.

My eldest adult son has special needs and requires constant supervision. I understand the daunting challenges of raising a family, and these are so much more with a special needs child. Hopefully, my presence in the communities will allow me to share my energy with fellow families, to help them to realize the wishes they have for their children.

– Creating an indoor event that is family-inclusive that invites newcomers to learn about and enjoy YSR events, allowing them to dress up in Klondike-era clothing.

– Speaking at schools to talk about the Yukon’s heritage and history.

Our children are our future. Helping them to better understand past is important.

-Writing “The Queen’s Corner”, a monthly column that reports what is happening with our royal duties and YSR events.

It’s so good to see it published.

I’ve also attended events such as Thaw Di Gras in Dawson and the Snow King Festival in Yellowknife, as well as an event supporting the Children’s Wish Foundation and will be attending the Whitehorse Senior Tea, an annual event honouring the seniors in our community.

I will also be attending the Commissioner’s Tea in Dawson, which seeks to preserve the tradition and heritage of the great Klondike era. Guests dress up in Victorian era clothing and have a great time. I will also be at the Canada Day Parade, another great event in which we promote the YSR and celebrate our country.

Dreams and hopes define our people, and it is the people here that make Yukon special. Let’s celebrate Yukon’s past and continue to build its future together.

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