Eat Clean and Boost!

Well, I usually save the book recommendations for Christmastime, but there are two new books out there that I just have to tell you about. Maybe you can read them while enjoying the lovely sunshine and relaxing on your deck.

The first is another Eat-Clean book by Tosca Reno.

You know I am a big fan of the clean-eating lifestyle, and this book adds what we need to the men involved in the lifestyle. It’s The Eat-Clean Diet for Men.

The first half gives a great explanation again of why we need to eat clean foods, and then it goes into health for men and, yes, it even has a bit of sex talk for men and how a healthy diet can improve it.

There is a large recipe section at the back, filled with foods men love with less “girlie” foods like salads and quinoa.

At the very end there is a two-week diet with a shopping list included at caloric ranges for men at approximately 200 pounds. Not to say that women cannot eat these meals; just watch your portion sizes.

As with Tosca’s other sample diets, it’s filled with a lot of different foods each day.

Now, although I understand the idea behind eating different meals, if you do not cook all your meals on Sunday, for the week, you will run out of time. And if you have a family of less than four, you will be left with a lot of leftovers.

So I suggest doubling up some of the days, maybe do Monday twice before moving on to Wednesday’s meal plan. Other than that, it’s a great way to add to your clean-eating lifestyle.

The second book, which I am loving, is Jillian Michaels’ Master Your Metabolism. If you haven’t heard of her, Jillian Michaels is the winning trainer on The Biggest Loser.

She is motivating, powerful, very knowledgeable and, yes, the in-your-face brutal trainer who gets results. I love her!

Master Your Metabolism is an in-depth explanation of our environmental toxins and how they effect our endocrine system.

I love this book because it gives you a scientific reason behind what foods you should eat and what foods you should stay away from and how it all effects our systems, our health and our weight.

This book doesn’t just tell you to eat only organic and stay away from plastics, but it explains why and how.

There are some great charts in the book that break down what hormones do what jobs and they also identify the symptoms of hormone imbalances.

There are explanations on how body creams and makeup (as well as the drugs in our medicine cabinets) affect our hormones.

She also includes a two-week diet with recipes to try. For anyone like me, who likes a scientific explanation of things, this book is for you.

So there you go, two great reads to get you motivated to clean out your cupboards and get your body balanced and in shape.


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