New podcast shares stories about dating and relationships north of the 60th parallel

“Because I’m perpetually single, I’m always dating,” says Karen McColl, laughing. “And when you’re in that situation you find yourself in a lot of conversations about dating.”

McColl and Jordan Patrick took that reality and turned it into a new podcast. “Now when I go to social events people want to talk about the podcast,” says McColl. “Which is ultimately still a discussion about dating, but in a new medium.”
McColl and Patrick co-host Frisky North of 60. The podcast shares the stories of people of diverse interests and backgrounds living in the North, shining a light on the quirky, comical, and honest side of dating here in the North while building connections between those looking for love.

Each episode features an interview with a person about a specific topic, prefaced by some banter provided by the lively hosts. The interviewees are drawn from a combination of individuals McColl and Patrick have sought out and others who have reached out to them with a topic they would like to bring to the show. At this point, there’s a long list of future speakers queued up to join the show.

“Issues of consent, self-discovery and healthy relationships have been featured heavily so far,” says McColl. “Topics that are important to talk about, but are not often talked openly about, at least in a local sense.”
“The most rewarding and surprising thing for me about the process is how much I’m learning by doing this, by talking to people with different perspectives,” says Patrick.

Frisky North of 60 launched in December and has gained rapid attention from listeners. By early March the podcast had already racked up 3,000 downloads and a rating of 4.7 stars on Chartable, with listeners sending feedback that they are loving the content and intend to binge all of the episodes.

Patrick and McColl aren’t content to keep their program solely in the audible realm however. In February they partnered up with My Cheeky Date to offer a virtual speed dating event.
“You can only do the Millennium Trail so many times on a first Tinder date before it starts getting a little stale so it was really fun to offer a physical alternative, especially in this time of COVID,” says Patrick.

McColl and Patrick would like to do more events in the future and are open to making more connections with local companies. “If anyone wants to collaborate with us we’re open to that,” said Patrick.

“Frisky North of 60 has been a really fun project so far,” says McColl. “We are providing a platform for people to share their stories and their views and it feels like it’s helping to bring this little community together around dating in the North.”

Patrick agrees. “It’s providing a venue to normalize everyone’s perspectives and highlight that everyone’s perspectives are valid. I look forward to hearing more people sharing their stories as we move forwards.”
Frisky North of 60 can be found at:

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