From Father to Son: Hooked on Dog Mushing

I work in the summertime and race sled dogs in the winter.

This is the snow hook from my old dog sled. This was my first snow hook.

I have other more modern ones now, which are also way lighter.

A snow hook works like a ship’s anchor for a dog sled.

I don’t use this one for mushing anymore. I wouldn’t call it scrap, though, because I would not have parted with it, for sentimental reasons, until I heard of this project.

This snow hook came with an old wooden dog sled which I bought from Kyla Boivin, soon after I came to the Yukon several years ago. It may well have been one she used on the Yukon Quest up until she sold me that sled.

This is important to me because it is part of my history and who I am as a dog musher. It’s symbolic of a dream come true: my dream to come to the Yukon and be a dog musher.

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