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This is my first column for What’s Up Yukon and I am excited to be able to write about what is happening in the Yukon’s gay community.

We are an organized group that meets the first Friday of every month at the Backwater for an informal gathering; non-members are always welcome at these gatherings. Our group is called G.A.L.A., which stands for the gay and lesbian alliance. The purpose of this group is “to establish and maintain a social, recreational, educational and political outlet for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, multicultural community.”

Currently G.A.L.A. has thirty-four members, twenty-seven women and seven men. Members must consider themselves gay, lesbian or bisexual in their sexual orientation. There are also associate memberships available for individuals who wish to support G.A.L.A.; these members do not have to live in the territory and can be of any sexual orientation. G.A.L.A. is overseen by a five-member board.

For anyone interested in our organization, G.A.L.A. has a website that can be accessed at www.gaycanada.com/galayukon/ . We also have a phone number that is manned by a live and friendly individual who is happy to answer any questions. That number is 333-5800.

G.A.L.A. is here to support individuals in the gay community and we also recognize that people are still subjected to discrimination so every effort is made to protect people’s confidentiality.

I look forward to writing this column to keep the greater Yukon community apprised of what is happening in our community.

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