Grandma Clara Frost’s House & Real Bushwoman

Grandma Clara Frost’s House

Grandma’s house was made of logs. 
She never had electricity. 
She used a gaslamp. 
Grandma’s house had a cellar. 
Grandma’s house was heated by wood. 
She did laundry in a washtub.
She baked with a wood cookstove. 
Grandma had a sewing machine.
She also had a meat grinder. 
We always packed water for grandma
And we filled her wooden barrel up. 
She used a bow saw and axe. 
Grandma had a cache outside.
She had an outhouse. 
She tied her dogs behind her house. 
Grandma had her bible on the table.
She kept her treasures in her trunk. 
She had an antique clock on her wall. 
She even had an old rusty wheelbarrow.
Grandma had a canoe behind her house.
She was always knitting in her warm home. 
Grandma’s house was her home sweet home. 

Real Bushwoman

My mom calls her a real bushwoman.
‘Cause she’s always out in the bush.
Annie Nukon is her name.
An’ she’s my Mom’s best friend.
They always go out in the bush.
An’ Annie taught my Mom bush skills.
Mom and Annie would go out hunting
And they set net for fish too.
They go to the mountain to pick berries
And us kids would follow them.
Mom said she wasn’t afraid of nothing
‘Cause she was brave in the bush.
Annie had her tent at Crow Point
An’ that’s where she raised her kids.
They would set snares for rabbits
And give them out to elders.
My Mom and Annie had dog teams
And the cut and hauled wood.
My Mom always talk about her friend
An’ the good times they had in the bush.
Mom said that she was a tough lady
And she always win snowshoe races.
We Annie Nukon our Auntie
‘Cause she was Mom’s precious friend.

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