The following doomsday scenario was discussed recently, around an early evening campfire at Takhini Hot Springs campground, in a marshmallow conversation with three grandchildren (boy, boy, girl) now aged seven to 11, all of whom are new readers with varied literary interests. It began with an innocent question from #2, probably derived from a Superman comic book: “Grandpa, if a giant asteroid was on target to collide with Earth and everyone knew the exact day and time of the explosion to blow up the planet, where would you want to go camping for the last night?”Mars, perhaps? Maybe the moon. Uranus? Pluto? Alpha Centauri would be fine …“No. Really, somewhere on Earth, in the Yukon. Where is your favourite campsite where you would like to spend the last night before the big smashup?”I

Next time: Grandpa’s Finale to the RV Hotspots series, camping on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, a new Canadian summer adventure.