Halloween: The Best of Fall

With its love of secrecy, dark passions and spooky details, Halloween is an irresistible theme for holiday decorating.

A holiday that appeals to adults and children alike, Halloween is time where you can fantasize (who doesn’t want to be a super hero for a day?) frolic and have a whole lot of fun.

From ghosts and goblins, to witches and warriors, Halloween is one day of the year in which you can pull out all the stops for bewitching and mischievous fun.

Those young, and young-at-heart, dress as characters disguised in a wild array of eccentric, humorous and even down-right scary costumes.

There are many creative and inspiring ways to join in the festivities of this enchanting holiday. Cast a welcoming spell, right at your front door, with a display of carved jack-o-lanterns and ghostly scarecrows.

To create a mood of ghostly splendour, light your walk with lanterns and decorate your window with scary silhouettes. Complete the look with a few ghostly touches of cobwebs and gnarled black branches scratching at the window panes.

Why not give your house the creepy charm of a haunted manor? Carve ghostly white pumpkins, in scripted with the fairy tale “trick or treat”, to invite visitors to ponder the classic Halloween demand.

Add to the fun and conjure up a Halloween party punctuated with spooky touches and eerie effects. Brew up fun ideas to scare and delight. Watch a scary movie and serve a potion fit for a witch.

Tempt taste buds with treats of orange and black magic such as pumpkin spiced cupcakes decorated with orange cream cheese icing with black glittered toppings.

Chase ghosts away with a decorated cake filled with candied worms. For a real scream, float a fake finger or two in the punch bowl.

Play scary tunes and cast a spell with ghoulishly fun party favours.

Boil, boil, toil, but trouble aside, Halloween is an enjoyable time to celebrate startling fun. Remember to celebrate this harvest holiday with the festivity that is intended. Dress in bright vivid colours if you are treating at night and remember to follow safety rules at all times.

In preparation of the historic haunt, why not join in the fun and look for creative ways that you can celebrate for Halloween? Take pleasure in the opportunity to visit friends and neighbours and welcome children to your home.

A few tasty treats and a touch of ghoulish fun are sure to inspire memories for years to come.

Happy Halloween!

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