Celebrating Traditions of the Holiday Season

There are few holidays more revered in tradition than Christmas.

In our hearts and minds, Christmas holds a special place all its own. For most of us, we recall the traditions of Christmas as nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood.

Christmas traditions connect us to our past. Through the brightness of the Christmas spirit, we are able to celebrate the present.

When we adorn our home for the holidays, it becomes more than a home. It becomes a special place where we share tradition and celebrate new memories to come. For children, Christmas is a special, magical time.

For many, decorating their home in its Christmas finery, it is a highlight of the holidays. The cheer starts with a wreath being hung on the front door and lights being strung around the home.

The art of holiday card writing has long been a tradition of Christmas. This year, take time to enjoy an afternoon of writing. Share the events and special moments of the year gone by and send well-wishes to those near and dear.

Cards create a beautiful display in your home. Try hanging cards from ribbons or string from cords across a mantle or window. Display along with special family photos and favourite gift tags.

Few things become more exciting than finding the perfect gift for someone special. To give the unexpected gift — an inspired gift — brings back a level of excitement similar to that of a child anticipating Santa’s arrival.

As we open boxes of treasured ornaments, we discover each box to be filled with nostalgic memories. Experiment with the various combinations and take pleasure in changing your decorating from year to year.

Each room in the home brings opportunity to experiment with colours, textures and forms. Not only can we decorate the tree and mantle, look to other special places in your home, such as mirrors, stairways, entrances and porch rails. Christmas is a treasure time to blend the old with the new, formal with frivolous and tarnished with twinkling.

Decorating the family Christmas tree can hold tradition that goes back for generations. Many families savour the moments when the time capsule tree ornament box opens and memories of Christmas’s past are shared.

Every ornament has a story to be shared. From baby’s first Christmas to handmade childhood Christmas crafts, to those fragile ornaments passed down through the generations. A tree is uniquely special to each family and the moments of decorating are treasured year to year.

Welcome to the holiday season. A time filled with chilled air, warm laughter and snowfalls that celebrate the season. Welcome to the season where we fill stockings with good cheer, invite family and friends to share in laughter and merriment, savour pretty packages under the trees and send goodwill to all.

Merry Christmas.

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