Mushroom season starts in spring. On a hike at the end of May, I came upon some black morels. In the Yukon, morels usually only grow where there has been a recent fire, although I’ve found them growing other places.

With the warm weather and rain this year, I have been picking mushrooms in earnest since the beginning of July.

My family and I eat all of the mushrooms shown here. I cook them for a few minutes in a little butter and wild chives (Allium schoenoprasum, which grows wild along lakes and does quite well transplanted as a perennial in the garden). Then, I add salt and pepper. Yummy!

When I gather more than I can eat, I brush, or lightly wash, the raw mushrooms clean, cut them up, put them in a plastic bag and in the freezer they go.

I am self-taught and not an expert by any means. Make sure you know what you’re picking before eating it. There are many books and online references on wild mushrooms.

Pick what you can process. Enjoy!

Agaricus campestris 

Most easy to identify, yet I haven’t completely figured out the different kinds, and I only pick the white ones for consumption.