I decided to go with the larger package. It is a variety that has done very well in the past.

It was almost funny, when I opened the parcel with my seeds. I know I ordered a large pack but I really hadn’t visualized what that would look like.

A packet of pea seeds bought from the grocery store is about 2½ by 3 inches. But this package was more like a foot high and about half a foot wide. I had to take a picture of it.

Peas aren’t the only thing I have changed in my ordering. I am trying a few new varieties of lettuce. I am also going to try amaranth again.

When I grew it a few years ago it was very lush, but it was grown for the leaves. This time I want to try to grow it to seed. The grains can be ground up and used as flour or they can be cooked whole like rice.

I am hoping that we will have another hot summer, because I am going to try corn, pumpkins and cucumbers again. I don’t have a greenhouse, so these plants will need to be put in sheltered areas to help retain heat, but it isn’t impossible to do.

The one that I am looking forward to trying in particular is sunflower. I know that other people have grown it around here and even as far north as Inuvik. (I have been told that, in Inuvik, they twist their heads off as they follow the sun.)

I haven’t ever grown it before, but if it does well and goes to seed then I will have some nice treats for the birds next winter.