Plantscaping with Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents make for ideal indoor plants. In their impressive forms, cacti and succulents offer a broad range of exotic varieties. Whether designed in a minimalist, dry garden or simply enjoyed planted on their own, these easy-to-care-for plants are ideal for the low-maintenance gardener.

A succulent is described as a plant with thick foliage capable of retaining moisture. Being able to survive arid conditions, succulents have a fleshy, mathematical beauty, often with perfect rosettes and powdery blooms.

Cacti are a type of succulent. Most varieties have modified to spines (or sharp prickles). These spines allow for photosynthesis, which is the same as plants with succulent and tropical plant foliage.

Moisture in the cacti is retained in its thick stems. What I find amazing about cacti is the incredible exotic flowers, in vibrant colours, which these slow-growing, sharp-edged plants produce.

Among the most commonly seen cacti is the opumtia ficus-indica with it’s amusing circus of ever-joining, round, flat discs. Many people refer to this as the Mickey Mouse-eared cactus.

Lovers of a dry, warm climate, these plant varieties thrive on neglect.

Cacti and succulents can survive for weeks at a time without any form of moisture. If you like to travel and don’t want to worry about your houseplants, then cacti and succulents are an ideal investment. They are also good space savers.

In their slow-growing forms, cacti and succulents can remain in their original containers for lengthy periods of time.

In the hundreds of available varieties, cacti and succulents allow for a creative form of interior plantscaping known as dry gardening. The geometric forms of cacti and succulents make for great architectural displays, complementing modern and minimalist interiors.

Whether you try one or two cacti, succulent varieties or create your own minimalist planter-garden design, consider experimenting with cacti and succulents in your home or office.

These fun, flowering plants are sure to provide years of enjoyment in their unique geometric form. And the bonus is, you rarely have to care for these plants.

Shari Morash is a gardening enthusiast and an accredited designer. Contact her at [email protected]

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