Spring Forward With Flowers

It has been a long time since we have seen the colour outdoors. For most enthusiastic gardeners, we await that day, when we can embark into our gardens, with the greatest of anticipation.

Spring flowering bulbs bring forth a multitude of colour, fragrance and personality.

An antidote to the cold outdoor temperatures, spring flowers are a harbinger of brighter things to come. The incredible beauty that springs forth from a simple unprepossessing bulb can be elating.

The classic fragrance of flowers, such as the hyacinths orientalis, is the epitome of spring. These bulbs can be started by placing the bulb into a single specialty hyacinth vase. Bulbs of the same variety display nicely in linear or mass plantings. Most hyacinth varieties flower within a couple weeks of being indoors. The fragrance of the hyacinth is illuminating.

Spring bulbs come in many shapes, colours and varieties. My personal favourites include the amaryllis, fringed tulips, grape hyacinths and the vibrant primula “polyanthus”.

Adored for its height and multiple blossoms, the delicate spring colours of the amaryllis make this plant no longer just a Christmas tradition. Available in the delicate spring pastel colours of white, cream, salmon and pink, this long-lasting novel plant looks great planted on its own or combined into a garden with other spring flowering bulbs.

There is myriad opportunity for enjoying spring flowers indoors.

Don’t worry if you haven’t started potting spring bulbs. Most florist and novelty garden shops carry bulbs that are already potted, rooted and ready for almost immediate spring flowering. Create colour all winter long by experimenting with a variety of early-, mid-season- and late-flowering varieties.

Bring forward a brighter side with cut-flower varieties such as sunny yellow freesia, hot-pink ranunculous, vibrant tulips and celedon hydrangea. The simplistic look of a single variety of cut flowers, designed in mass bouquets, is an impressive feature that maximizes the uniqueness of each individual variety.

Try your hand at creating your own spring floral centrepiece. Use favourite spring containers or visuals such as twigs and nests to surround your bouquets.

Create a fun spring project for the whole family to enjoy.

As winter begins to fade, set the tone in your home to welcome the spring months. By adding a few pleasurable pots of spring bulbs to your home, you will be amazed at how quickly spring really does arrive.

Before we know it, we will all be enjoying our gardening days outdoors.

Shari Morash is a gardening enthusiast and an accredited designer. Contact her at [email protected]

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