Springing into Spring

In the Yukon there isn’t really a spring; rather, it’s an early summer. What I, as a Yukoner, refer to as “spring” is actually the time when the snow melts away — it can be as warm as summer, but the leaves and flowers haven’t come out, yet.

No matter, though, spring is always a wonderful time. You can put away the winter things and get ready for summer.

Spring is when we order a lot of animals to our place, and this year we have an especially big number of new animals. We are getting: 150 meat birds, 25 turkeys, 33 layer chickens (three kinds including Ameraucana chickens. We will have brown, white, and green eggs), and two new male bunnies (bucks) from Prince Edward Island to add to our collection of rabbits. Our rabbits will also give birth to bunnies, but we will have to wait for summer until they are born. We may even get hatch some baby quails this year.

I love spring because it means getting used to not having to put on a jacket (or snow-pants, or mitts). We set-up the trampoline and since the snow melted we can easily go on the swing, the slide, or our small zip line. We can run around in the woods in our backyard more easily, too.

We have another reason to be happy about the weather: when it is hot outside my mom will often be persuaded into giving us ice cream; we call it “ice cream weather” (in the winter, she mostly finds it too cold for ice cream).

I look forward to the crocus hunt we do every year as soon as the leaves are out. We pick crocuses, eat a picnic, and bring the flowers home to put in a vase. We also get a couple of treats our mom hides for us on the way, which makes it even more fun.

I will be calling part 2, Springing from Spring into Summer. I will write about the chicks, bunnies, baby turkeys, and maybe baby quails. I’ll describe how I feed them, play with them, and how they are doing.

Emma Kaiser is 12-years-old and lives with her mom and dad, four sisters and one brother on a hobby farm north of Whitehorse.

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