Children, when learning to garden, show this quite plainly when they dig up a seed to see if it is doing anything. Sometimes this actually slows things down.

And even though a seasoned gardener may have faith that everything will come up, they too sometimes have the urge to dig into a planted row and see if the seed is doing anything.

If germination does seem to be taking longer than required by that certain vegetable, this actually isn’t a bad thing. It may show poor seed stock or poor weather that caused seed to rot. And if time allows, a second seeding can be done so the season isn’t completely lost.

We like to take a walk out to the garden in the evening, and look for evidence of new shoots. Sometimes they can be difficult to see. If they have just emerged but have lifted some of the soil above them as they grew, they are almost invisible.

Once the seedlings have been spotted, there is relief. We will have a garden this year.