Holiday wreaths have long been a tradition of Christmas.

Some religions consider circular wreaths as representative of eternity. Wreaths have long been a sign of greeting that embraces nature’s goodness. When made with evergreen branches, the wreath becomes a symbol of everlasting life. With fresh greenery, it adds hope and new life.

Throughout the holiday season, rings of evergreen boughs — decorated with dried fruits and flowers — fare well adorning the front doors, while delicate fresh flowers and herbs embrace the season inside our homes.

To make a wreath to hang outside your home, start with a circular metal frame, available at florist or craft shops. Gather boughs of evergreens such as fir and pine and tightly wrap small bouquets of the evergreens.

Secure the wired bunches to the form, allowing the greens to completely surround the frame. The more compact the evergreens are placed, the more lush the finished wreath.

Gather pine cones to embellish. For a more whimsical and natural look, wrap grapevine branches around the wreath in singular strands. Try drying fruits such as orange slices, cranberries and pomegranates in a dehydrator and add to the arrangement.

Flowers, such as globe amaranthus, roses, peonies, larkspur and celosia, are ideal dried flowers for an everlasting wreath. Simple bouquets of dried flowers can be wrapped into small bunches using florists wire and then tied or glued into the wreath.

Complete your wreath with a festive bow and hang on your front door.

Preserve the scents of summer, by making a fresh living herb wreath using herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender.

For this project, you will need a fresh oasis wreath form with a finished plastic base to hold moisture. Gather together small, leafy clusters of fresh herbs in single varieties. Tie the bouquets using florists wire, wrapping the signature scents tightly together.

Insert the wire-wrapped herbals into the florists foam, with the stems securing at least one inch into the foam. Nestle the herbs into the wreath form by alternating varieties.

For a more festive look, consider intertwining a holiday ribbon through the wreath.

To keep a living wreath fresh, mist the arrangement regularly, allowing the florist foam and stems of the herbs to stay moist. Add an elegant touch and display with glowing candles.

This Christmas, consider making your own festive wreath.

For the herb lover, try creating a unique living herbal centrepiece. The sweet aroma of fresh herbs will last through the holiday season. Craft your own inspiring holiday gifts, rich with tradition and meaning.

Wreaths are a cherished symbol of the Christmas season. Without beginning or end, their symbolic circular form represents everlasting life, hope and new life.

Shari Morash is a gardening enthusiast and an accredited designer. She is the founder of Northern Elegance. Contact her at [email protected]