Young People Nice to Have Around

The Generation Ys are competent and motivated employees, who offer a wide range of skills, talent, life experience, academic knowledge and work potential.

These younger professionals who, unlike their Generation X descendants haven’t reached 30 yet, bring a new energy, drive and a “why not” attitude to the workplace. Plus this new generation of tech savvies leads a focused and balanced lifestyle, something we can all learn from.

The Generation Y attitude can benefit the business as well as enhance your life.

Younger professionals bring different perspectives into the workplace. Frequently they carry energy, drive and often the benefit of up-to-date technology and recent education. They also have plenty of new ideas. Their “why not” attitude sometimes causes us to pause and re-think a solution that may have fallen complacent.

Youth have an openness about themselves, often willing to learn and try new tasks. In general, they have an uninhibited ability to think outside the box and bring fresh new ideas to the workplace.

Keep in mind that these employees are less likely to fall in line with the same command management style of the previous Generation X. This generation has grown up questioning their parents and now they will question their employers. But it’s not always a bad thing.

This group of cohorts are tech savvy, creative and independent. We can all learn from them. They also have financial smarts, work-life balance and an innate ability to change, change, change.

College and high school students give business an injection of liveliness. This is particularly evident in establishments that value the expenditures of youth consumers. Young employees connect with similar clientèle and relate due to the similarity in age and lifestyle.

When the school bell rings at 3:30, students who work part time bring a spark of enthusiasm which ignites the camaraderie. The energy and enthusiasm of younger workers brings life to a workplace.

But the relationship is twofold. There is a satisfaction that comes from playing a key role in the development of young people. And the student-employees get to benefit from the mentorship of employers and their years of life’s experiences.

Retailers benefit from the availability during peak retail seasons, such as Christmas holidays and summer months. Students are also keen to work weekends and evenings, times generally less favoured by full-time employees. Students who are eager to earn pocket money and save for future education are keenly available to work.

Whether you are a retailer or service professional, look at ways that you too can benefit by giving employment to a young person. By retaining younger workers and integrating them into your workplace, you develop a cadre of young professionals ready and able to meet future challenges.

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