We have all been struck with a case of the sugar blues — nagged by those treats hiding in the kitchen or next to the check out counter as we pay for our groceries.

Our relationship to sugar can be a balancing act. Sweets are both a treat and a coping mechanism; in our busy lives it’s often a cookie, chocolate bar or coffee loaded with sugar that gets us through our day. What starts as a pick-me-up and a quick burst of energy is often followed by a crash, keeping us riding the sugar roller coaster.

Holistic health coach Linda Lamers wants to help us beat the sugar blues. She is offering a free workshop on Nov. 5 at the Canada Games Centre with all kinds of tips to gain control without deprivation, deal with that Thanksgiving-dessert-guilt, and those Halloween candies calling you from the cupboards.

This workshop will help participants understand why we crave sweet things so much.

The session will also provide a lot of nutritional information with plenty of discussion, breaking down sugar, its sources and what our bodies are really craving.

“It’s not about being on a diet,” Lamers says.

According to Lamers, dieting becomes an all or nothing battle; we use our will power to deprive ourselves of something and this most commonly ends in a binge.

Lamers’ approach is to provide the tools to begin to change our relationship to sugar and to be able to look at it in a totally new way, understanding why we crave it and how it makes us feel both physically and emotionally.

“As we change this relationship we can begin to recognize that we can be bad and have permission to indulge at times, but find ways to meet the next sugar need differently, sometimes with a different sweetener, sometimes in other ways,” she says.

It’s about changing our habits to reflect what it is that we want, whether that is more energy, less stress or weight loss.

As a holistic health coach with a Masters degree in Education, Lamers also uses her expertise as a registered yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She works with clients individually and also offers group workshops and retreats for private and corporate groups that include all kinds of wellness information, activities and the cultivation of mindfulness.

“I want people to be able to fully enjoy their lives in the healthiest and best way they can,” she says.

Linda Lamers’ free workshop takes place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at the Canada Games Centre.