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Tips for keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated in winter

In parts of Canada, winter will soon slowly begin to make its way out, and spring will make its way in. In other parts of the country, such as the territories and the East Coast, it’s a bit of a different story. Winter tends to stick around until May … sometimes even June. There have been a few times where I celebrated the May 24th weekend at Marsh Lake, sitting by a bonfire, on snow-dusted ground.

When living in a place with an extended winter, it is super important to give your skin great care. The dry cold and lack of humidity is no friend to your skin—to your face, in particular. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your face happy during winter.

Sun protection

Even though temperatures Up North can drop to minus 40 C, the sun’s rays can be just as damaging, especially when the sun is reflecting off of sparkly white snow. If you know you are going to be outdoors for long periods at a time, give your skin extra protection with a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen or a moisturizing facial cream that has SPF built into it. Don’t forget the lip balm.You can get SPF lip balm to help prevent your lips from getting chapped and sunburned.


Hydration is key. When using a cream to keep your face moisturized, look for one that is thick and that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients work together to create a long-lasting moisture barrier on your skin.

In addition to hydrating your skin, hydrating your body is just as important. This can be done by drinking lots of water and by cutting back on alcohol, which dehydrates your skin. Using hydrating facial cleansers is also helpful. Look for something that is fragrance free and gentle, to remove makeup.


Exfoliation is also super important for maintaining healthy skin, because this process removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh ones. In winter, using a gentle exfoliant is recommended two to four times a week. There is a nice variety of exfoliating products you can purchase, but you can also make your own by using simple ingredients such as coffee grounds, ground oats, brown sugar, honey and coconut oil. My personal favourite is made by adding one cup of coconut oil, two cups of sugar and three teaspoons of lavender oil. I use this in the evening. The lavender creates a nice relaxing effect, but you can use any essential oil you like.


Lastly, give your face some extra love by massaging it, daily, for a few minutes. You can do this by using your hands or a massage stone. Massaging your face is an excellent way to help with circulation. It also helps to relax facial muscles, which can help to fade lines and wrinkles.

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