Ruth Lera: Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Writer

Do you consider yourself a Yukoner? How long have you lived in the north? Do you mostly serve our northern communities? 

Yes, I consider myself a Yukoner. I’ve lived here since 1996. When I was 18, I took a one-way flight from Ontario and I’m still here. I’ve spent my whole adult life in the Mt. Lorne and Whitehorse area. 

Most of my work is Whitehorse and Yukon based, with a lesser extent in the smaller communities and abroad. 

When did you start your healing practice and what motivated you to choose this career path? What kind of training/learnings did you undertake to prepare? How does your background and previous work experience compliment your current work as a healer? Was it a natural progression or a significant career change? 

I have been teaching meditation and doing healing work for ten years. I started this work because I had a burning desire to be of service. Before this, I worked in family and children services, but decided to leave, because I felt like I had more potential and needed to find a career to match this potential. The decision wasn’t an easy one. I had to do a lot of soul-searching and dug deep. I went up the Dempster Highway and spent an entire night away trying to decide. By the next morning, I had decided teaching meditation and energy healing was the right fit for me. I knew they had potential and could effect change and were inexpensive for me to run and doable. So, I got going and trained as a meditation teacher and did Healing Touch and Quantum Touch courses, and added from there. 

People ask whether I was born with a gift. Sure, looking back I realize now that as a child and teenager I was reading people, but I really think my decision to start this career was a choice. They were modalities that I believed in and felt passionate about, and once I started the work, I felt happier that I was reaching more people, it felt better.

Can you tell us a bit more about your work? It says you are an Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Writer on your website, sounds multi-disciplinary. How would you describe your work to someone who might be brand new to the world of spirituality and/or alternative healing? 

With meditation, I do work on a spectrum, from beginner to advanced. In beginner, I teach students how to pause and connect with themselves to go inwards. The advanced focuses more on developing intuition and healing energy. Regardless of where on the spectrum I teach, there is one main premise – how do I use my attention? How we direct our mind and attention is very powerful, it can change our lives, but it is a skill we need to learn.

The one-on-one energy healing work I do is different. I do private sessions and take clients on an hour-long journey into that person’s energy and life. The work focuses on making shifts in the person’s energy to bring about beneficial results in their life.

And my writing is putting these concepts into articles. I have one published book and am working on multiple manuscripts.

For more information about Ruth’s meditation classes, courses and book check out her website at

To register for beginner meditation, contact Canadian Mental Health Association – Yukon. It’s free!


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