The Power of a Master Mind

“Power is essential for success…” But what is power?

There is a famous little book that you can still pick up for about $12 new, or as little as a penny on (check for yourself).

It describes power as “organized knowledge”, the sources of organized knowledge being infinite intelligence, accumulated experience and experimentation and research.

The problem with all three of these sources is that it is extremely difficult for one person alone to access and assemble a sufficient quantity of all three to achieve success in all of his or her goals and dreams.

One solution is to create a “Master Mind”. This is a group of people who will work with you and support you, a group that shares a common goal and is willing to work together for a common purpose.

We’ve all heard the saying the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the core of the principle of a Master Mind. If by partnering up with others simply resulted in a group of people working together, achieving the same results or successes they would have achieved on their own, why would anyone bother? I don’t think a more entertaining social life would be a good enough reason.

A partnership between two or more individuals creates a synergy, an intangible force that gains a life of its own and results in all participants achieving greater success.

I don’t have to be brilliant, but I do have to carefully choose the people I consult with, work with or who work for me.

The essential factor is that Master Mind collaboration be undertaken in a spirit of harmony. Think of a flashlight that adds up the energy of four batteries in order to create a bright beam. If just one of the batteries is lined up in the wrong direction, the flashlight is useless. The energy of all four batteries is wasted.

The alignment of purpose of a group of people causes their efforts to multiply so that each achieves more than they would have working alone.

We are familiar with this concept when we sit on volunteer boards and committees but all too often business people, especially those just starting out, think they must be self sufficient and don’t take the time to build the team of brains behind them that will provide counsel, ignite creativity and inject synergy into their business.

Before you put this paper down, I want you to think of two people who you could invite to join you in a partnership that will assist all three of you in achieving success or mutual goals. Now go invite them to be a part of your Master Mind. Now!

The famous little book is Think and Grow Rich, by the Napoleon Hill, a Fawcett Crest Book published by Ballantine Books. It was first published in 1937 and despite some somewhat anachronistic gender references, it has not lost any of its profound relevance. It is the book every business person should buy and read, regularly.

Denise L. Norman has worked as a professional manager for over 17 years and is trained in a variety of disciplines including organizational coaching and facilitation. She may be contacted at [email protected]


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