Twenty defined techniques of violence

The laissez-faire technique is well articulated by the three monkeys.
I see nothing. I hear nothing. I say nothing

 Violence 101 – Part six of six


The last five articles have informed the Yukon about the cycle of violence, as well as its categories, forms and foundations. This scourge generates a high level of suffering among its victims who, when possible, must distance themselves and seek protection and help so that one day they can be happy and without violence in their lives. Next, and in order of cowardice, here are the eight most effective ways out of 20 that I call “techniques.” These are the techniques used by those who seek to create, develop, feed and propagate violence until they can act with impunity, which is the dream of every aggressor.

Of 20 known techniques, we have just explained, with concrete examples, eight principal means to develop, provoke and propagate violence with impunity. This knowledge is useful because it helps properly identify and deconstruct past and present violence. To understand violence is to combat it.

Everything must be implemented to maintain and multiply these very constructive efforts.


It is the ease of not doing anything instead of engaging in self-reflection and seeking out healthy answers to one’s personal and social needs. It is the status quo, which could be in place for years, for a lifetime, or even for generations. It is also evidently a tangible sign of pride, that poison which stifles any chance of happiness.
Category : social violence
Forms : physical, psychological violence
Category : affective (conjugal) violence
Form : physical violence


It is a psychological thought filter that allows the aggressor to erase all individual responsibility. The rosy tint transforms colours into one individual colour and, by extension, into a single thought once filtered. With a rosy perception of the world, all violence unquestionably becomes justified. Say goodbye to nuance and the aggressor’s efforts to take responsibility.
Category : affective (conjugal) violence
Form : psychological violence


It is the abstinence of words or actions that could clarify a situation. It’s the abstinence of words or actions that would re-establish the facts to the detriment of an aggressor, who might not have any real power or who might be very powerful. The laissez-faire technique is well-articulated by the three monkeys. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I say nothing.
Categories : organizational/professional and social violence
Form : financial violence
Category : Organizational/professional violence
Form : sexual violence


The omission technique is the control of information by withholding important facts with the belief that the violent person decides that those facts are unimportant… and even less so for his victim or victims. How ?
They mentally “forget” what would tangibly confront them;
In conversation, by silences added between verbal affirmations and omissions in phrases that evidently become lies;
By the omission of gestures and actions, when they are expertly controlling people.
Categories : affective, organizational/professional, social violence
Forms : psychological, physical, sexual, financial violence
Category : organizational/professional violence
Form : sexual violence


Regardless of whether arguments appear rational or outlandish, this technique requires that an aggressor be outraged by everything and nothing. Unending outrage using all possible media platforms. Then, seeking to multiply this outrage as many times as possible, rebroadcasting it on “anniversaries” of one month, one year, or during a similar moment of outrage.
Category : social violence
Forms : psychological, physical violence


It’s like boiling a frog, but very slowly so that the abnormal becomes habitual. That banalization is accepted by several people with authority, up to the powerful people of the world. This begins with small requests, which, together, result in the control of a majority of peaceful, benevolent and (let’s say it) sometimes naïve people.

As social violence, we observe that democracy is quite fragile, since it is easily undermined to the point of control.
Category : social violence
Forms : psychological, physical violence


This technique accompanies all aggression. In the eyes of a violent person, looking good is more important than the violent acts themselves. An effective gift-wrapping disguises the misdirection, lies, injustice, fraud, murders and fanaticism.
Under false pretenses of love, kindness, pious tradition, etc., violence is hidden behind the notion of superiority. The simple goal of controlling the victim or victims is at the heart of the acts.
Category : familial (affective) violence
Form : physical violence


It is a technique that allows violent people to hide their true beliefs and values, up to violent acts. Dissimulation is also called taqiya by Salafists to hide the true values of the jihadists who live in our democracies.
Generally, to openly demonstrate their beliefs and violent values would put them in immediate danger of being identified and arrested.
Category : organizational/professional violence
Form : sexual violence

Resources in the Yukon

Sources: The first pages of your Yukon and Northern British Columbia phone book.
The website: “Surviving in Yukon”

Whitehorse: 911
Communities: first 3 numbers and 5555

Help and Victim Services

  • Yukon and Northern B.C.: 1-800-563-0808

24/7 shelters (collect calls)

  • Carmacks 863-5918
  • Dawson 993-5086
  • Ross River 969-2722
  • Watson Lake 536-7233
  • Whitehorse 668-5733 / 633-7699 / 667-2693
  • Whitehorse Les EssentiElles 668-2636

Elder abuse: 1-800-661-0408 x3946

Residential school survivors:
867-667-2247 (collect)

Yukon Distress & Support Line:

Child support and protection

  • Atlin 651-7511
  • Beaver Creek and Burwash Landing 634-2203
  • Carcross 821-2920
  • Carmacks 863-5800
  • Dawson 993-7890
  • Destruction Bay and Haines Junction 634-2203
  • Faro 994-2749
  • Mayo 996-2283
  • Old Crow 993-7890
  • Pelly 863-5800
  • Ross River 969-3200
  • Teslin 390-2588
  • Watson Lake 536-2232
  • Whitehorse 821-2920


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