A game: Google Golf

This is where we have some fun. I will throw out a challenge and we will see how you, the reader, throw it back.

I call this challenge, “Google Golf” because the lower the score, the better.

Here are the rules:

1.Go to Google.ca.

2.Type in three words with plus signs in front of each word.

Simple, right? Whoever has the lowest number of pages returned, earns 50 out of 100 points.

The other 50 is for style. If you enter, “+silicosis +hornblende +woodlouse” you will get full points because you will find zero pages. But you won’t get any points from me for style just because you are a weenie.

Now, “+brittany +dignified +intelligent” appeals to my love of irony and you would get full marks for style (and a surprising 1,100 pages … but only because “Brittany” is a breed of dog).

Here’s another example: “+sexy +dynamic +editor” displays a profound sense of insight because it comes up with 63,600 hits.

The winner receives a Deli Sandwich (that’s the big one, prepared in front of you), courtesy of The Deli.

Good luck to everyone … except weenies.

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