Colourful bookmarks

Hello artists!
Today’s art is inspired by seasonal changes: the colourful combinations of vivid hues, the varied shapes and designs of all that blooms, and my love for tswhere imagination and inspiration comes to visit.

Colourful bookmarks

Colourful bookmarks

Today we’ll make our own colourful bookmarks—let’s start!


  • Watercolour paper.
  • Watercolours.
  • Brushes and a water container.
  • Masking tape.


    1. Mark the shape of your bookmark on the watercolour paper.
    2. Cut out the shape of your bookmark.
    3. Cover one centimetre along the edges with masking tape (I used the white tape, but the green tape takes off the paper more easily).
    4. Take four to six pieces of tape in varied lengths and create shapes on your bookmark by taping them in triangles and other shapes.
    5. Choose at least five colours. I like to start with a cold combination of colours (blues and greens) and one warm colour (dark yellow).
    6. Colour as you please! Remember to clean the brush well between colours. In the example, I kept the hues unmixed, but the sky’s the limit!
    7. Let the paint dry.
    8. Take the tape off (slowly and carefully, to not take any paper layers with it).
    9. Enjoy! You can add a writing on it, sign your name, or make another one in warmer colours (yellow, red, orange, pink and purple are beautiful to work with!)


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