Do not drown in nostalgia this holiday season

Treasure the traditions without the drama by embracing innocence!

No matter your spiritual practice, chances are there is a special holiday in December for you, celebrated with gatherings, rituals, and traditions. Of course, this year will be different and I surely need not tell you why. Pandemic conditions, combined with possible feelings of loss and disorientation, means spending too much time looking in the rearview mirror could be damaging this holiday season.
Let’s look at this collective Tarot reading to see what will help us navigate the holidays this year.

What advice will help us collectively, and as individuals, this holiday season?

The Deck: The Rider-Waite Coleman-Smith, first published in 1910.
Astrological Circumstances:
I cast the reading during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, in a plume of white sage smoke with kind intentions. May it harm none.
The Card: Six of Cups of the Minor Arcana
Rulerships: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, co-ruler Aquarius. Element: Water. Direction: West.
Physical Description:
In the Six of Cups, we see a scene of sweet and innocent courtship; you can almost smell the perfume of the blooms spilling from the six golden cups. Amid the blossoms, under a blue sky, in a town square or public place, one figure gives another a bouquet of flowers.
Metaphysical Description:
The Six of Cups is a gentle card, here to remind us of the sweet importance of kind acts, courtship, and reunions with loved ones, lovers and friends. Often, the figures portrayed in the card are children or youth. The love in the Six of Cups is gentle, benevolent, generous. There can be a healing element to the card. It often involves love from the past being enjoyed or revisited. There can be a public element to gestures of love, as the figures in the card are in plain view.

The shadow side of the card also provides a lot of information. Nostalgia and the past are both positive and shadow sides to this card.
A little bit of nostalgia can be an enjoyable bittersweet feeling, but too much nostalgia is usually just awful for our systems. All Zodiac signs, but perhaps especially Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo, keep your trips down holiday memory lane light, quick,and innocent. This year, do not linger too long in the memories or sensations of holidays past. It’s just not the moment to wallow in the drippings of heavy nostalgia.
Give gifts and gestures that come straight from the heart. The figures in the Six of Cups are not wealthy; they have simple homespun clothing. When it comes to gifts, who cares about material wealth when the heart is the true source of the giving?

Set grievances aside and open yourself up to innocence and gentleness.
Just say “no” to heavy nostalgia. There will be easier times ahead. Tend to the blooms at hand. Be gentle and sweet with your loved ones. Call up an old friend and let them know you think they are lovely.
Allow the past to inform your actions, but avoid living in the past over the holidays. If you feel remorse for past actions, the Six of Cups advises approaching the situation with an attitude of innocence and an open heart. Open the lines of communication with a heartfelt gesture and enjoy the simple pleasure of knowing this person with your clarified heart.
Be accepting of people and of yourself. Treasure your loved ones. Let people know you love them through simple and innocent acts of kindness, no matter how far away they are. And again, it bears repeating, this is not the year for heavy nostalgia. Instead, stay bright, stay in the light. Find and enjoy your sense of wonder.

Recognize one another and act in ways worthy of recognition

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